Managed WIFI Solutions

Connected Systems offers a wide variety of WIFI solutions.  Our  Cloud Managed WIFI Solutions are perfect and scalable for any Businesses, School, Coffee Shop and Restaurants.

Your Network. Your brand.

We can design the landing page your customers will see when they connect to the WIFI.  This can match your Company branding.  You can also redirect users to a page of your choosing such as menu of the day or special offers.

WIFI Access Codes

WIFI Installations for Businesses

Safe and Secure.

Built-in firewall prevents users on the public network from seeing each other or your wired network.  We can provide authentication systems that can either use Facebook, Tokens or passwords.

Controle WIFI Use

Secure WIFI for public users

Set upload and download caps on each user so there is enough bandwidth available for everyone.  Manage how long users can access your WIFI.  limit how many devices they can use with one access code.

Four SSIDs. Endless possibilities.

WIFI access points that broadcast two unique networks, one public (Guest) and one “private.” Your public network can be customised with powerful captive portal features, while your private network can work seamlessly as an extension of your LAN.

Monitor on the go.

Monitor what’s going on with free iOS and Android apps , so you can keep an eye on your networks on the go.

Monitor Your WIFI on the go

Nottingham WIFI Specialists


You’ll get up to the minute reports on user traffic, node status and speed from a web browser or App.

Outdoor and building to building WIFI solutions are also available.




Social WIFI Authentication

By offering WIFI authentication using Social Meda authentication, you  can gain a wealth of information about your customers.  Allowing you to identify what gender they are,  how long they spend on the premises,  (with their permission) you can also increase your follower.