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Business IT Support

Here at Connected Systems, we take the headache out of IT. Our comprehensive Business IT Services covers Microsoft, Apple, Networking, Google Apps and Office 365. We cover all your IT support needs, so you can focus on running your business.

Can Managed Services Bridge the IT Skills Gap for SMBs?

The expanding IT skills gap is a cause for concern for many SMBs, as it’s impacting their operations, effectiveness and profitability. As these organisations struggle to keep up with IT demands, what are they losing in return? Below are the top areas in which the IT skills gap is negatively affecting businesses.

Can Managed Services Bridge the IT Skills Gap for SMBs

Remote Monitoring And Management

Our RMM (remotely monitor and manage) software allows us to deliver maintenance and repair work on servers, desktops, mobile devices and other endpoints via the Internet – freeing up valuable time and resources that were previously devoted to solving client problems on-site. RMM tools to keep their finger on the pulse of network and computer health for their clients. By installing a software agent on client devices we can offer proactive maintenance, troubleshooting and quick problem resolution when issues do arise. RMM functionality includes alerting and integrated ticketing,  remote control, patch management, antivirus updating, reporting and more.  Or RRM software also includes a Full licence for Webroot Anti Virus software.  Small companies are increasingly finding themselves the target of Cyber Attacks.  Our software helps you protect your company from serious financial and reputational damage.

IT Outsourcing

Our IT Outsourcing Solutions offers comprehensive outsourced onsite, remote dial-in and help desk services to our customers.  We build a support package tailored to your business needs. Outsourcing your IT Services will save your company time and money and leave your staff free to work on the job’s they were employed to do. Our Outsourcing solutions allow your organisation to benefit from experienced certified technical staff.

Why Outsource

No need for a dedicated in-house IT support staff. We can take the headache out of IT recruitment, training, managing holiday/absence and reduce downtime. Our services also include 24/7 IT monitoring software. Allowing Connected Systems to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Key Reasons to switch to Connected Systems

  • Access to Local Professionals
  • Personalised Service
  • Proactive Strategic Planning with our RRM software
  • Cost Effective Solutions – Fixed priced IT solutions
  • Reduce your own in-house IT staff
  • Cloud specialists
  • Business Phone Systems, Networking, WIFI and Broadband Installations

Alternatively, if you have a small IT team, we can work with them to enhance your IT provision and IT Holiday cover.

IT Services

We offer a range of IT support and consultancy services including:

  • Expert on-site installation of new IT Solution Systems, Upgrades, Cloud Migrations
  • Email Solutions – Hosted Exchange, G Suite, SharePoint and Office 365
  • Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Server Maintenance
  • Software Upgrades
  • Proactive IT Support
  • Migration to Cloud Services
  • Web Filtering Spam/AV Mail Filtering
  • Branch Office and Homeworking solutions
  • VOIP Business Telephone Solutions

Our range of specialist small business IT support services include IT Holiday Cover, Storage Solutions, Firewall installations, Branch office VPNs, WIFI Installations and IT Troubleshooting.  We can reduce your IT costs whilst improving system uptime and system performance.

We only operate in the Nottinghamshire area, so you receive the best service we can offer.

Hosted Business Phone Systems

We can provide customers with hosted telephony systems as an alternative to a traditional onsite PBX system.  Our systems are the perfect solution for companies that don’t want to invest in expensive onsite systems.  As the UK will be switching from an analogue voice system to an IP solution.  IP solutions run over the Internet rather ISDN or PSTN lines.  VOIP systems tend to be around 30% cheaper than ISDN and on-site PBX systems which are packed with features.

  • Inclusive calls to 2000 landlines and 2000 mobiles per handset
  • Advanced features inc. voicemail, hunt groups, On hold music or advertising, call management, statistics, Conference calling, call transfer.
  • Future proof upgrades; no costly maintenance
  • Simple user portal; plug & play handsets
  • Work from anywhere plus mobile app available IOS & Android
  • Installation and training available
  • Auto Attendant implementation
  • Free calls between handsets
  • Work from home or multi-sites

The Top 5 IT Security Skills SMBs Need in 2019

Across the board, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) trail their larger counterparts in their need for skill improvement, specifically when it comes to IT security. However, SMBs can look to partner with managed services providers (MSPs) in order to bridge this skills gap and gain access to the expertise needed to stay protected, including these top 5 IT security skills SMBs now require.

Nearly 60% of all Ransomware attacks are delivered through email as embedded URL’s. Ransomware is a term that strikes fear directly into the hearts of the cyber-security-conscious & the biggest targets are still SMEs. Modern antivirus software struggles to cope with the growth of undetected strains. Popularised by the WannaCry attack on the NHS back in May 2018 – which cost over £92 million to resolve – the cyber-attack encrypts vital information, making it inaccessible, before demanding a ransom payment to decrypt it.

Security isn’t a one-size-fits-all concept; it is comprised of a number of things and layered to serve as complete, holistic protection. With advanced cyber threats multiplying, this infographic includes 15 important elements to help you ensure your company is protected.

Download our free How to protect your company from Ransomware.