Managed IT Systems That Support Your Organisation At Every Step

Managed IT systems can significantly reduce stress, overheads and downtime within your organisation. Unless you have the budget for a designated IT team within your company, expecting staff to take on this role can greatly add to their workload and their stress levels. It can also mean that your IT is being managed by individuals with a limited understanding of the systems. Working with experienced Nottingham IT service providers can provide the answers you need, and more importantly do so in a cost-effective and productive way. However, this only remains true if you find the right IT support services that have up to date skills and experience and a firm understanding of your needs.

Managed IT

How Can You Benefit From Managed IT Services?

Regardless of whether you are a retail company, a storage warehouse, a school or a hospital, IT is likely to play a major role in your organisation. IT goes beyond the physical desktop computer that sits in your office. It includes everything from the software on that computer to the internet connections you use and the phone systems that you rely on for instant communication. Security, data protection, file transfers and the like are also an integral part of your IT systems. Any problem with any of these can have far-reaching consequences for your organisation, particularly with GDPR compliance requirements. Managed IT services can ensure that the systems that you have in place are the most suitable for your needs. They can also check that they are running efficiently and that the security that you have in place is fit for purpose. By remotely monitoring and managing your systems, managed IT support services can ensure that once in place, your systems continue to function effectively and proactively suggest updates to your system when they become available. Of course, you can invest in an in-house team to achieve this, but there are numerous downsides to this approach – cost being one of them. Choosing to outsource your IT system needs means paying a fixed price to cover everything you need. The cost is set in advance, so that you can budget around it. Limited skills is another downside. Just consider how many people you would need to employ to get the same range of skills as you would have access to by outsourcing your IT management to fully managed IT services!

What Services Do Managed IT Service Providers Offer?

Knowing exactly what managed IT service providers offer can help you to see the specific benefits of such services for your organisation. One of the key things any good IT management provider should offer is an IT helpdesk. This provides you with quick access to a team of experts if things go wrong. If they cannot fix the issue remotely or tell you what to do to fix it yourself, then they should also have access to local professionals that can be onsite quickly to deal with the issue. Such companies should also provide a range of support and consultancy services that can be tailored to your specific needs. These services should be proactive, focusing on reducing the risk of issues, rather than fixing them after they happen. This may include installing or upgrading your current systems; finding the right cloud solutions for you and supporting the migration to the cloud; or finding the right email solutions for your business or organisation’s needs. Providing VOIP business telephone solutions, home working solutions, and server maintenance should also be areas where an IT management company can help. While you may not need all these services now, knowing that they are available means you can access them should your business need them in the future. While you want a proactive managed services IT company that understands the need for spam filtering, anti-virus software, and general security features, you also want one that can act quickly when disaster strikes, and you need recovery services and access to data backups.

What To Look For In The Best IT Managed Services Companies

When choosing a managed IT service company, you need to look at more than just the services that they offer. Any company can provide an impressive list of services; however, only the best can prove that they can meet your needs. Once you find IT managed services companies that meet your needs on paper, take time to get to know them. Speak to them in person and discuss your specific needs. Ask questions about their experience and skills, and about the companies that they already support. While you want to know that they have a positive client base, you do not want that base to be so big that you are fighting for attention when you need it. Ask for references from previous or ongoing clients and follow those references up. Similarly, check their website and independent websites for reviews and client testimonials. This gives you the widest possible range of opinions on the company. When discussing your needs with a prospective company, don’t forget to listen as well. What questions are they asking you? Are they looking to learn about your company? Are they interested in your needs, challenges and business goals? The best companies will find out exactly how they can help you, in order to enable them to tailor a package that not only meets your needs now, but also helps you to work towards your goals for the future. They will also be clear about pricing, covering both the cost of the package and what exactly is included within the price you pay. If you are looking for a company that does all of this and much more, then consider Nottingham based Connected Systems.

If You Want To Benefit From Managed IT, Then Try Connected Systems Today

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