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With Connected Systems Cloud Phone Solutions, migrating form your Traditional onsite phone systems is simple (ISDN). We offer easy onboarding so you can get up and running fast without any disruption. Reduce downtime and improve customer service.  

Cloud Phone Systems

Traditional onsite phone systems are outdated and expensive to run and maintain.  With hosted cloud phone systems, all that is required is a phone (supplied by us) or app on your smartphone or software for your computer.  Our system runs over the Internet.  Otherwise known as VoIP,  So there is no need for expensive ISDN lines or local expensive PBX phone systems.  You are no longer tied to the office.  Encourage mobile workforce and improve communications with sophisticated hunt groups.

You can manage your phone system Our Business Office Phone Systems  web portal. You have all the tools to help your business run professionally and smoothly.  Features include voice attendants, on hold music/advertising, Android or IOS app, hunt groups, voicemail and email.  Never miss another important call again. We have business phone packages for any business no matter the size.

We have the right phone system for your business.  We work with all the major VoIP phone system vendors.  We offer the best prices and the right system for your business. All of our Phone Installations are fully managed by our project team, ensuring implementation runs smoothly with little or no disruption to your business.  

Why switch to VoIP?

  • BT switch off ISDN is 2025 all calls will be VOIP
  • Keep ahead of your competitors
  • Allows mobile workforce
  • Reduce costs
  • Futureproof 
  • No single point of failure 
  • Voicemail to email
  • Free calls to UK mobile and landlines
  • Call Reporting
  • Keep your current numbers
  • Multi-Site 

Free Hardware on 3 Year contracts

Business Phone

Although a traditional phone system may have served your company well in the past, they could now be holding your business back? 

Onsite PBX systems are not only expensive to maintain and upgrade, they are also a single point of failure putting your company’s communications at risk. By moving to the cloud, our Cloud Hosted phone system are stored in multiple data centres, so there in no one point of failure.

By 2025 all phones systems will be hosted telephony 

Call Analysis

Before we sell you a new Phone System, we can analyze your current communication costs to see how we can reduce your communication costs.  We will identify how much you currently spend on Calls, ISDN line rental, maintenance and how much time you spend on managing your system.

Move your business communications to our Cloud Hosted Phone System by contacting us today so we can analyse your requirements.

Systems we supply

The systems we supply can be found on Cloud Warehouse.