eLearning Team

Connected Systems work in partnership with the eLearning team to deliver innovative educational projects through technology. As experts in the use of ICT to transform teaching and learning, the eLearning team can work with your school or educational organisation in the following ways;

  • Benchmark your current use of ICT.
  • Benchmark your approach to digital safeguarding (eSafety).
  • Design and implement technology projects and programmes to enhance learning across the curriculum eg. School radio, International Collaboration projects, the Coding academy – video game design course.
  • Demonstrate how to drive efficiencies through the use of ICT, in order to significantly reduce your ICT expenditure.
  • Custom design, implementation and maintenance of our powerful atmos, learning platform, to transform the way you work and the outcomes which can be achieved whilst significantly reducing your current ICT costs.
  • Provide outstanding technical support on a pay-as-you-go or regular contractual basis.
  • Provide training and development opportunities for your staff, through innovative in-class “teach and learn” style training sessions eg. Interactive whiteboard training.
  • Provide advice and support to plan for ICT use in new school builds and refurbishments.

In partnership with Connected Systems, our expert technical and learning-centred knowledge of ICT can transform outcomes for you. Our understanding of learning technologies will be employed – allowing effortless achievement of your school improvement objectives, engaging young people in learning and bringing confidence and assurance to your staff.

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Just so you know…You’ll be assured by our Qualified Teaching Status (QTS), Accredited trainer status and enhanced CRB clearance.