Managed WiFi Solutions

Connected Systems offers a wide variety of WiFi solutions.  Our  Cloud Managed WiFi Solutions are perfect and scalable for any Offices, Education and warehouses.

Why Choose Our WIFI Sollution?

Our cloud-managed WiFi access points allow our IT team to manage and configure your devices remotely.  The software will also alert you if there any problem with your network and stay up to date with regular firmware updates adding enhanced security and features.

We plan, install, and configure the WIFI infrastructure for your Business. Our WIFI hardware can be easily scaled to your business WIFI needs. Offices, Warehouses and outdoor areas.

The system also has a secure Guest WIFI with Built-in firewall that prevents users on the Guest network from seeing each other and your corporate network. Bandwidth control can also be applied to the Guest WIFI.

Monitor all your networks and connected client devices and status from the web portal or IOS or Android App.

WIFI solution

Remotely Managed WIFI 

Secure Guest WIFI

Managed by our Support Team

Maximum coverage and speed

Affordable Business WIFI