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Key Reasons to Switch to Connected Systems

  • Expert on-site installation of new IT Solution Systems

  • IT Security

  • Email Solutions – G Suite and Microsoft 365

  • Cloud Backups and Disaster Recovery

  • Server Maintenance

  • Software Upgrades

  • Proactive IT Support

  • Cloud Migrations 

  • VOIP Business Telephone Solutions

Cyber Essentials

We do all the hard work to get your company Cyber Essentials Certified.


Reasons to get certified:

  • Many Tenders require Certification

  • Help protect your data from Cybercriminals

  • Cyber Liability Insurance

Download our Cyber Security Information Pack

Supported Package

  • Access to our guided portal to help you through the journey to Cyber Essential Certification

  • Assessments are made before submissions by qualified assessors to ensure guaranteed pass

  • Straightforward, secure online self-assessment process


Turnkey Package to help ensure all your devices safe

Our software agent checks the devices in your company network for the five requirements of Cyber Essentials certification:

  • Is your internet connection secure?

  • Are the most secure settings switched on for every company device?

  • Do you have full control over who is accessing your data and services?

  • Do you have adequate protection against viruses and malware?

  • Are devices and software updated with the latest version?

We complete the submission on your behalf.  This is our most popular package as the software agent monitors your devices every 15 minutes, every day, 365 days.

Managed WiFi Solutions

We plan, install, and configure the WIFI infrastructure for your Business. Our WIFI hardware can be easily scaled to your business WIFI needs and in any setting whether it be Office, Warehouse or Outdoor areas. Our cloud-managed WiFi access points can be managed and configured remotely by our IT team.  The software will alert you if there any problem with your network and will stay up to date with regular firmware updates adding enhanced security and features.

The system also has a secure Guest WIFI with that prevents users on the Guest network from accessing other guest’s or your corporate network. Bandwidth controls can also be applied to the Guest WIFI.

Remotely Managed WIFI

  • Secure Guest WIFI

  • Remotely Managed by our Support Team

  • Maximum coverage and speed throughout your Premises

  • Affordable Mesh Business WIFI

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