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More Phishing Scams!

Imagine this scenario: As you navigate through your daily routine, you pause to check your inbox and spot an email from a familiar and trusted brand.

You think to yourself, “This must be safe,” but wait a moment… this email is more than meets the eye.

It’s a cleverly crafted scam by cybercriminals, designed to lure you into clicking on harmful links or divulging confidential information. Known as “SubdoMailing,” it’s every bit as perilous as it sounds.

Fraudsters masquerade as credible entities.

Here’s their modus operandi: They meticulously search the web for unused subdomains belonging to well-known companies. Consider the segments of a URL that precede the primary domain, like—the ‘experience’ portion is the subdomain.

They pinpoint a subdomain that’s been abandoned yet still points to an unregistered external domain.

Next, they acquire the domain and establish a fraudulent site.

Thus, when you click on what appears to be, you’re unwittingly redirected to a bogus site,

These con artists dispatch five million emails daily, targeting individuals in businesses akin to yours.

And since these emails seem to originate from a legitimate source, they often bypass standard security measures and end up in your inbox.

To safeguard yourself and your data:

  • Exercise caution with emails that raise the slightest suspicion. Trust your instincts—if it seems off, it likely is.

  • Prior to engaging with any links or attachments, double-check the sender’s credibility. Be on the lookout for telltale signs like typos or odd email addresses.

  • Ensure your team is well-informed about the latest phishing strategies and can recognize a hoax. A bit of awareness can significantly enhance your company’s security.

  • Investing in robust security solutions can deter cybercriminals. It may appear as an additional cost, but it’s a worthwhile investment for protection.

Remember, we’re here to assist with this or any other email security concerns you may have. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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